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  • Heaters

    Outdoor Indoor Rated Quartz Infrared Heaters Heat Solid Objects, Not The Air. Outdoor Indoor Rated Quartz Infrared Heaters are made using bright aluminum reflector and end caps for long lasting durability. Reflector offers a 60 symmetrical heat pattern. Includes quartz tube. Portable Spot Heaters are used for spot heating or curing clear coat

  • High Watt Density Quartz Faced Radiant Infrared Panel Heater

    OMEGALUX™ QH and QC Series quartz infrared radiant panel heaters have the most powerful power output of any infrared panel heater available. They use a fused quartz glass face that is grooved to provide coil support. The QC series uses a 98% pure fused quartz and the QH series uses a 99% pure fused quartz face.

  • Infrared Heating System

    Apr 06, 2018Infrared heaters uses IR radiating waves falls just below visible light spectrum. Infrared radiators heats produces heat on the surface of material. Heat is transferred from outer surface to inner body. Infrared heating system produces heat same as 'SUN' from hot surface to cold surface. 6.

  • Hoinfrared

    Apr 19, 2021For commercial and industrial applications, tubular fused quartz infrared heat lamps produce intense levels of infrared radiation. Wattages for these specialized lamps range from 300W up to 2500W and many operate at higher voltage. quartz infrared lamps provide heat source solutions to industries ranging from cooking equipment to processing of new materials for semiconductor and

  • QIH Quartz Infrared Heater

    QIH Quartz Infrared Heater. USHIO Quartz Infrared Heater lamp is an example of efficiently utilizing the heat output of a specialty halogen lamp. Most of the output from this light source falls in the infrared region, and it is proven to be an extremely efficient heat energy source. USHIO Quartz Infrared

  • Life Zone Series 1500

    Dec 25, 2014Portable Electric Infrared Space Heater, 1500-Watt Cabinet Infrared Quartz Element, Remote Control, Washable Filter Wishing for a portable heater, but want 1 Wishing for a portable heater, but want 1 that looks like it's not from your grandmas basement Check out the brand spanking new Heat Storm Signature linen cabinet heaters The best part about these beauties is that not only do they keep

  • Quartz Glow

    The range features three variants: Sorrento is a robust, weatherproof heater, that can be grouped together either vertically, or horizontally to best suit the space. Apollo indoor heaters are manufactured using extruded aluminium, and offer a choice of power options ranging between 1.5kW – 9k. They are fully adjustable for accurate heat

  • Your Complete Guide to Near Infrared Light Therapy

    Near infrared light therapy is an every-day term for the science of photobiomodulation. It uses invisible, near infrared wavelengths between 700 and 1200 nm to deliver energy to the cells, stimulating healing and relieving pain. Infrared light therapy has been proven effective by hundreds of studies all over the globe, is 100% natural and has

  • World Marketing of America, Inc.

    World Marketing of America, Inc. is your best North American source for alternative heating solutions. Our only business is heating products and has been for over 35 years; our 12,000 North American retail partners provide you with our Smart Solution heating products,

  • Quartz Infrared Spot Heater, 1500W/120V With Cord: Amazon

    TPI Corporation OCH46-120V-SS Quartz Electric Infrared Heater – Outdoor/Indoor Rated, Stainless Steel, 1500W, 120V. High Standard Heating Equipment TPI PCH48C Series PCH Portable Quartz Infrared Spot Heater, 1 Phase, 1500W

  • Quartz Infrared Heating Elements

    Quartz infrared heating elements provide medium wave infrared radiation. They are favored in industrial applications where a more rapid heater response is necessary, including systems with the long heater off cycles. Quartz infrared heating elements are particularly effective in systems where rapid heater response and/or zone controlled heating

  • Elite Heat EH110 2.4kW Quartz Infrared Electric Pivot

    58.34 + VAT each. Condition Grade B – see our equipment grading page for further details. The EH110 from Elite Heat is a high quality electric heater set on 4 castors (2 of which are lockable) and a rigid plastic frame allowing weight to be reduced yet portability maximised. The EH110 incorporates 2x infrared heat bulbs delivering an output of 2.8kW making them simple, effective, reduced

  • Home [kineticsinfrared]

    The panel type infrared heaters and quartz tube infrared heaters are the main focus of Kinetics' wide range of industrial electric infrared heaters. Kinetics' builds superior quality,energy efficient electric infrared heaters for manufacturers and industrialists all across the world.

  • Home

    The panel type infrared heaters and quartz tube infrared heaters are the main focus of Kinetics' wide range of industrial electric infrared heaters. Kinetics' builds superior quality,energy efficient electric infrared heaters for manufacturers and industrialists all across the world.

  • Specific Equipment for UV IR Radiation

    Since 1950 Helios has produced scientific equipment which use UV and IR radiation properties providing customers professional and reliable solutions for applications in many sectors. From drying films of UV reactive inks, lacquers and paints to bonding glass, from tin glass side detection to ageing test simulation: Helios Quartz Equipment have been developed and continuously improved thanks to

  • Quartz

    Quartz-branded health plans are offered by Quartz Health Benefit Plans Corporation, Quartz Health Plan Corporation, Quartz Health Plan MN Corporation and Quartz Health Insurance Corporation, which are separate legal entities. For more information, see our Companies and Licenses page.

  • Short Wave Quartz Emitters

    Short Wave Quartz Emitters are the infrared emitters with the highest radiation intensity (up to 20 W/cm). They consist of coiled tungsten wire within an air-tight quartz glass filled with inert gas. Depending on the requested emission range differently coiled heating coils are used. We also supply various holders and connections as alternative.

  • Quartz Heaters

    Quartz heaters are one of the most effective outdoor heating solutions because of the type of infrared they emit. Near infrared provides a stronger sensation of warmth to off-set the cooler temperatures we feel outside, and what's more, this radiant heat warms people directly without being dissipated by the air.

  • About Us

    About Us. Emitted Energy provides quality products and services dedicated to solving today's issues in industrial heating. From producing standard and custom Infrared quartz emitters for multiple applications to thermal imaging cameras for increased production quality and control, we are your trusted Infrared Thermal Technologies partner.

  • Infrared Radiant Heaters

    Infrared radiant heaters have influenced auto manufacturers to realize their benefits in the automotive panel manufacturing projects. Since the workable manufacturing areas was recessed and tight to work within, industrial heating solution manufacturers tried to simplify the problems in using adhesive materials.

  • Emitted Energy

    Emitted Energy is a leader in Infrared Thermal Technologies, providing international solutions for process heating and manufacturing validation systems. Focused on customer service, we work with our customers as partners ensuring satisfaction throughout t

  • Industrial Infrared Panel Heaters

    Please contact us for additional information on Quartz Fabric faced industrial IR panel heaters, or any of our other infrared heating solutions. Anderson Thermal Devices is a US-based manufacturer of industrial infrared heaters. Benefiting from 75+ years in infrared heating, our team is eager to find the right solution for your application.

  • TQS Technical Quartz Solutions

    TQS produces, processes and distributes quartz glass products for various industrial applications. These are primarily: -high-power infrared heaters TQS FS FSK -optical components from synthetic and natural quartz glass -translucent labware from fused silica and quartz

  • Tube Infrared Heaters

    Quartz Electric Infrared Heaters ISC Sales offers TPI quartz electric infrared heaters, also known as, tube infrared heaters, for sale. We have a variety to choose from including indoor and outdoor heaters, wattages ranging from 1500 to 3000 and brown and stainless steel color options.

  • Full Quartz Element (FQE)

    Full Quartz Infrared Heating Element (FQE) A versatile infrared quartz heating element (150 – 1,000W) providing an instant heat response for a variety of industrial process applications. These elements are particularly effective for manufacturing processes where a rapid heater response is required. Size: 247 x

  • Infrared Solutions

    Infrared heating solutions have been instrumental in the design and manufacture of new kinds of innovative and weather-resistant products and materials for the construction and building industries. The role of infrared heat in multi-material bonding is key for applications in

  • Quartz Properties

    224LD - Low Alkali Quartz Tubing Alkaline solutions, salts, or vapors are particularly deleterious. Type 124 fused quartz is a very efficient material for the transmission of infrared radiation. Its infrared transmission extends out to about 4 micrometers with little absorption in the water band at 2.73 um.

  • Infrared Emitters for Industrial Processes

    A reliable sign of competence and quality in infrared heating: the Golden 8 is the basis of all our twin tube emitters and is the starting point for new solutions in heating processes. Quartz Glass Heraeus Golden 8 infrared emitters are manufactured from high quality quartz tubes. Quartz glass is very pure

  • IR UV Lamps Manufacturing

    Production Site / RD and Technical Center. Helios Italquartz S.r.l. since 1940 has specialized in the processing of quartz glass and in the production of IR lamps, UV lamps and scientific equipment. Thanks to a cutting-edge testing laboratory located in the production of Cambiago, Italy, our experts are able to meet every need, studying solutions for the more specific and complex applications.

  • quartz infrared emitters, quartz infrared emitters

    A wide variety of quartz infrared emitters options are available to you, such as 1-year, 2-year. You can also choose from white, yellow quartz infrared emitters, as well as from electric heater parts quartz infrared emitters There are 578 suppliers who sells quartz infrared emitters on

  • EdenPURE Heaters Quartz Infrared Portable

    The EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Portable Heater heats the room evenly, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. The EdenPURE can cut your heating bills up to 50 percent. The EdenPURE heater stays safe to

  • Biomat Health Solutions

    Biomat Health Solutions. Biomats. Call Clint at (314) 562- 0844. -- for lowest prices by phone. Experience the unique. RESTORATIVE EFFECTS of Biomats. Biomats. utilize a synergy of. far infrared